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PRRCFI has been hard at work putting LMAX Group funding into numerous conservation and sustainable community education initiatives – and hosting virtual island experiences to show LMAX what they have been up to! – and now, creating Essence Magazine to celebrate project ACE’s achievements so far.


There’s so much more to learn, from PRRCFI’s new community fish monitoring project, to upcoming activities like a giant clam survey and the sea patrol boat’s maiden voyage. We wanted to share some exciting snapshots of ACE’s success below.


ACE’s impact in numbers…


More of a words person? Hear from some of ACE’s local sustainability scholars about what their scholarships mean to them:


I hope to address the challenges faced by farmers in my community through agricultural innovations” – Angelica Nicole Entrealgo, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


I will use my knowledge and skills to teach my community about the importance of fisheries and its sustainability” – John Christian Matia-ong, Bachelor of Science in Fisheries


I took up forestry to learn more about native tree species and to help bring back the forest in my community that was affected by a typhoon” – Ryan Ellanic, Bachelor of Science in Forestry


So have a read of Essence Magazine, and if project ACE sounds like the sort of thing you, your business or community would like to be involved in, get in touch today. As PRRCFI says, “Community is the essence– the core of our conservation work.” We hope that our community is just as inspired by ACE as we are.


Our thanks to team ACE at PRRCFI for creating Essence Magazine.


Photo by Jax Oliver / Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation 

The Foundation, its schemes on and outside of Danjugan, is the first initiative supported by Communities for Nature. 

The Foundation recently entered into a one-year funding relationship with LMAX Group, a global financial technology company and the leading independent operator of multiple institutional execution venues for FX and crypto currency trading. The relationship between the Foundation and LMAX will be channelled into education on sustainable development and providing local communities with the tools for ecotourism. This will include sustainability scholarships, conservation research, and capacity-building sessions and equipment support for ecotourism.

PRRCFI manages and protects Danjugan Island, which was purchased by the Foundation with the help of the World Land Trust and the Land Bank of the Philippines’ first environment loan to protect the island’s marine ecosystems significant to local biodiversity but vulnerable to climate-related threats. The Foundation offers a wide-ranging selection of experiential environmental education courses, such as the marine and wildlife camps for young people and public awareness initiatives like the Wala Usik Challenge 2022, a multinational hackathon seeking solutions for how to reduce use of single use plastic packaging. 

You can read more details about PRRCFI’s partnership with LMAX group here, and about its activities on the Foundation’s website here 

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